We at Joakim Stolt IT have implemented several major IT projects within IT Architecture and IT Infrastructure. Many of our projects have been global with both members and solutions covering all of our globe. We now focus on the Nordic market, but can also work globally. Here you can see a comprehensive selection of what we can help you with.

IT Management och IT Architecture
    We live in a changing world, both in terms of technology, but above all business requirements and demands and requests from customers.We help you to steer right and to find vision and strategy that support your core business and that allows you to grow and change. We work together with your business  organization to develop relevant goals and we help you to govern the solution development to keep it compliant with the defined architecture.
  • Enterprise Architect / Chief IT Architect 
    Joakim Stolt IT AB can take responsibility for IT architecture work in the project. With our experience in architectural work we are leading efforts to develop vision and plans for the transformation. We can lead a team of architects and engineers and be the bridge between management / business organization and technicians and architects.
  • Transformation Architect
    It transformation projects you need an architect who take responsibility for planning and leading the technical work, to ensure that decisions about changing technical solutions do not compromise the target vision, and is accountable for the IT architecture function in your changing world.
  • Governance of IT Architecture
    We have extensive experience in management of IT architecture (Architecture Governance) and can help you defining the Architecture Framework and the structures for this. When need help to execute this governance to ensure that your architecture is properly really implemented, we are at your service.
  • Technical Project Manager
Advisor in major transformation projects
  • Advisor in the transfomation projects and procurement of services
    Are you going to procure large infrastructure projects.Perhaps you should outsource your IT Infrastructure. We have several years experience from proposals and negitiations from the supplier side of the table. We can help you setting requirements, advise how to best to organize the cooperation with your new outsourcing partner, and how best to split responsibilities between customer and supplier.
  • External Technical Consultant
    – Task force leader in case of severe problems in the project or IT environment
    – Technical review / audit of projects, solutions or processes
    – IT-Strategist
  • Investigations/Assessments/Reviews
    We undertake investigative tasks such as TCO studies, Strategy-work and investigations, Problem Solving.